The Original Heffer Dust
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About The Original Heffer Dust
The Original Heffer Dust seasoning was created by my father in the late 1970’s. He lives and before retirement, worked in the suburbs of Fort Worth TX. His hobbies are race cars, cattle ranching and cooking for large fundraisers and get togethers. Everyone has always enjoyed his cooking as he does a great job. When he first started out, he was never quite satisfied with the basic seasonings so he decided to create his own. After several attempts he finally came up with a recipe that satisfied even the most critical critics. It was perfect and for years he and his friends cooked mouth watering ribs, chicken and briskets at functions all around the Fort Worth area.
On a trip to California to visit us kids, my dad shared his recipe and showed us how to make the seasoning so we could share it with our family and friends here on the Central Coast. We made it, ate it and shared it with many. He told me to keep sharing, but don’t pass out his recipe. 
As word traveled that I was making it, we were asked to bring some of that special seasoning to many BBQ’s, fundraisers, etc. Slowly, as the demand got to be more than I could share, I began to sell it. Our customers went from just a few, to hundreds, in a short time. This made us believe we had a product that people really enjoyed so we decided to market it for everyone!